Monday, January 31, 2011

Live from Bakersfield

It's been months since I last wrote, and I miss blogging!  After a whirlwind summer--graduating from Mizzou, walking down the aisle (well, as a bridesmaid in my stepsister's wedding!) and traveling to Africa with my family, I am happy to say I've settled into my new, very "real-world" life.

I am a reporter at the NBC affiliate in Bakersfield, KGET-TV.  Every day I wake up well before the sun even shows signs of rising (2AM) and head to the job I pinch myself each day for even having.  As the morning live reporter, my stories are different from those of a dayside reporter.  I plan them in advance, which means I'm always digging for unique angles to stories impacting people in Kern County.  At the grocery store, gym or wherever I am, I talk to people and ask them for ideas.  News is what people are talking about so how would I know what to cover unless I talked to the people I'm hoping to inform?

This weekend I updated my website with some of my new work.  I can't believe I've already been in Bakersfield four months!  Time is flying by.  Here's a little montage of some recent live shots and stand-ups:

I've already done some stories I am proud of, but recently I looked into a team called "MET" or the Mobile Evaluation Team.  The MET team responds to "5150" code calls, a call from law enforcement indicating a person is suicidal.  The MET team works to bring that person from their lowest point to a place where they can turn their life around, simply with words.  I interviewed a woman who says she was saved by MET four years ago.  She opened up to me and I hope the piece sheds light on the impact of mental illness and the need for it to be addressed regularly in our society.   Here's the story:

I am certainly keeping busy, learning something every day and can feel myself improving.  As always, I love to hear feedback about my work, so please send your thoughts my way! 

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